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Sunday, 16 December 2012

how about my result for this sem ?

assalamualaikum pembuka bicara . 
hye korang . entry kali ny nak cite sal result . lame punye fikir either nak buad entry untuk ny or takk . :'( hurmm . 
dah berapa bulan baru nak buad entry pasal ny ann ? hahah . 
okayy , now lepas aku relax dulu , baru lah hati aku tenang nak buad entry pasal result aku utk sem 3 nyy . :'(
tengok face tuu tauw dah kann ?

okayy , look . result yang ta patut aku dapat . 
maybe malang nasib aku untuk sem 3 yang lepas . sangat okayy ? aku ta tau lhaa ape punce nye . but , tu lahh hakikat yang aku kne dan patut terima . terima result masa mama punye bufday . dan result yang mengecewakan mama yang aku bagi . apa punya anak lah kan aku nyy ? hurmm . 
mama , akak minx maaf . akak tak patut bagi result macam tuu kat mama . 
i can't do the best for you , i can't mom , i can't . :'(
i know you are the first one who are disappointed when i told that to you that night . the night that you should got a best present from your child , from me especially . your elder daughter right ? the night that you should get a tight hug from your daughter , and sang a BIRTHDAY song for you . 
i'm sorry , i can't be a best children for you mom . i'm really sorry . i'm looser . 

to mom , i just a person that have to face a challenges in my life . 
i can't face it lonely . here , you send me to continue my study . 
but , at the same time , yes , i need you . always beside me to give me strength to go through in this life . i can't be perfect as well as other person that got an awesome result for their parents . :'(
i know where the stage that i face it now . 
i'm sorry about this . pray for me for this semester . for the last two semester too . 

thank you being my always YOUNGER mom ! 
you are the awesome mom that Allah gave to me . 
me miss you mama . :'( tear drop again !
mom , i'm sorry again . i'll try to get a better result for this and the last sem . yes , i'll try ! 

again ! me LOVE you mama !

from your adorable daughter ! 
ouchh , terperasan pulakk !

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